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  • GentleCare Hand & Skin Sanitizer

    GentleCare Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

    From: $14.95

    GentleCare Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer is effective against 99.9% of most common germs that may cause illness. The perfect choice for everyday use.

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  • GentleCare Hand & Skin Sanitizer

    GentleCare Refillable Wall Dispenser for Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer


    Refillable Foam Soap Dispenser for use with our GentleCare Gallon Size Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer. This Bulk Foam Soap Dispenser comes with a 1000mL refillable bottle and the sleek, smooth, modern design will complement any decor and locks for added security.

    Features and Specifications:

         * Made of durable ABS for extended lifetime.
         * Key lock for maximum security or optional universal access.
         * 1000mL (33.8 oz.) refillable bottle features vented large screw cap for easy refilling.
         * Refillable bottle is easily removed for cleaning and refilling or it can be refilled while still in the dispenser.
         * Accepts bulk foam soap and foaming hand sanitizers.

    CAUTION: For dispenser to work properly, use foam soap only. This dispenser will handle foam soaps from 0-14 centipose (cps).

    DISCLAIMER: GentleCare is not responsible for inappropriate soap use that results in ineffective dispenser operation or clogging.

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