By Professionals. For Professionals.

The predecessor to Artemis Bio-Solutions, LLC was established in 2013 to introduce the patented Sandia National Labs DF-200 formulation to the insurance and restoration industry. Now, Artemis Bio-Solutions continues to focus on assisting remediators with their tough jobs, while also addressing the disinfecting needs of customers outside of the restoration industry. We are a family-run business that has employees with decades of experience in remediation and restoration, and it’s part of the reason why we understand the heavy-duty needs of our customers. Our products are made by professionals for professionals.

Restoration contractors are unique in that they encounter a wide variety of contaminated environments every day with no site being exactly the same. From mold caused by water-damaging events such as broken water lines and leaking water heaters to odors caused by sewer backups to environments contaminated by methamphetamine–Artemis Bio-Solutions has a product in its arsenal for every scenario.

Whether it’s our versatile flagship product exclusively licensed from Sandia National Laboratories*, Bio-Oxygen® Chem Decon, or a tuberculocidal or sanitizer, Artemis prioritizes building a focused product selection to tackle large, complex problems with simple solutions.

When there are many threats, there is one solution: Artemis Bio-Solutions

*Bio-Oxygen® Chem Decon is produced commercially using the formula licensed (No. 00-C02678) by Sandia National Laboratories. Bio-Oxygen® Chem Decon is an EPA-registered product on both List N and List Q.

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