OzoGen DC 3.4 Ozone Decontamination Chamber

Hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices, veterinary clinics, hotels, restaurants, and more have turned to ozone (O₃) for decontaminating and sanitizing supplies like masks, cleaning utensils, and medical instruments.


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The OzoGen DC 3.4 Ozone Decontamination Chamber, at a compact 3.4 cubic feet, pumps out an impressive >50 ppm (parts per million) ozone concentration in air by weight to eradicate pathogens, viruses, mold, and fungi. The entire decontamination process only takes 2 minutes. This ozone-generating chamber never needs to be refilled with solutions, and it doesn’t need to be manually operated — simply set the timer, press the button, and after the prescribed period of time, the disinfection is complete.